Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (EDUXPAT)

EDUXPAT is a cloud based award winning Enterprise Resource Planning Solution specifically designed to automate the operations of the university. It automates every functional areas of the University like Library, Student Admission, Student Information, Examination, Payroll, Accounts, Inventory, Budget/Expenditure, Hostel Management, Asset management etc.

Some Features of EDUXPAT

Admission Process:

EDUXPAT has all required for the complete process of admission. Relevant data of any student of the university is easily accessible. This feature saves not only time and effort of the university but also saves huge piles of stationary items that is used during the process of admission.

Thorough Attendance:

EDUXPAT tracks attendance, not only of the staff but also of the students. This helps in keeping a track of the students who are present in the university and leads to the maintenance of the attendance. This feature lessens the tiresome process of taking a roll call for the students. It also provides parents or guardians information relating to their ward’s presence on the school campus. This feature ensures student safety.

Maintaining Examination:

It keeps track of all the examinations that the university conducts this includes, theory examinations and practical exams. It also manages the schedule of each exam and sends email and SMS notifications about exams.

Cloud facilitation:

EDUXPAT is cloud facilitated; it keeps track of all the data and stores all the data in the cloud. This makes data easy to access and also saves time required to search and track data.


The term sounds very naive but an EDUXPAT notifies the users, which includes the staff and the students of the institute about fees dues, holiday declaration, exam and the ongoing activities. It serves just like a notice board. Thus, it communicates with the maximum possible users for the benefit of the university. This includes, sending electronic mails and sending SMS.

Staff Management:

Just like the students, the staff also has to be managed. This includes everything right from their attendance to the salary. It becomes difficult to manage the whole staff for the educational institution and hence, releasing salaries and other expenses becomes easy with the help of EDUXPAT. .

Library Management:

Library automation is must for any educational institutions. It searches, finds, issues and returns the books properly. This feature also takes a continuous note of the condition of the book. This feature also keeps a track of the student account of the books .

And Many More....